I don't know why suddenly I got the urge to drink coffee. Normally I don't like coffee. It makes my heart pump faster. Then suddenly these last 3 days, I want to drink coffee. I hope this is only temporary thing.


Stiff Neck

DD got stiff neck today. Cry a lot. DH put Vicks on it. Hopefully it will be better tomorrow.
DH bought the second Lion on Friday, since DD love the first Lion so much.
Today eating in Sakae Sushi for dinner. We ordered beef sukiyaki. Yummy!


Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

That is what my parent always said. They are talking about money. My parent always invested their money on property, gold, and in US Dollar beside the normal time deposit in the local bank.
Thus, when the monetary crisis hit in 1997, they didn’t panic because they know they still have other baskets full of eggs J
Now, when gold price keep increasing, they have a big grin in their face.



Welcome to my new blog. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. At this moment this is my first post. I am still not sure what to write in this blog. We'll see!