Products for Pregnant Woman

Right after giving birth to my first child, my stretch mark was so bad that even I did not dare to look at them. I only started to get the stretchmarks the last two months of my pregnancy. I didn’t even realize that it’s there because the stretchmarks were located below the tummy, thus I could not see them directly. Only after about 1 year after delivery, my stretchmarks were fading, but it’s still there.

When I was pregnant with my second child, I applied cocoa cream everyday. The result, I still have stretchmarks since I got them in the first place, but it’s not that bad as the first time.

Talking about stretchmarks, I just found out about Beaute de Maman line. These products are for women who are pregnant. Beaute de Maman is a unique line of health and beauty products developed by a board-certified obstetrician to treat problems specifically related to the physiological and hormonal changes experienced by women during pregnancy. Infact, Beaute de Maman products have made it into the hands of such Hollywood celebrity moms-to-be including actresses Penelope Ann Miller, Salli Richardson-Whitfield (“Eureka”), Chyler Leigh (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Jennifer Blanc. Brooke Mueller Sheen, wife of actor Charlie Sheen, as well as Jane Hajduk, who is married to actor Tim Allen, and The Insider’s celebrity correspondent Victoria Recano, can also be counted among expectant Hollywood moms who have been seen and heard referencing various products in the Beauté de Maman line.

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Is Your Child Still Love You?

As your child gets older, he'll start keeping more of his emotions hidden, partly because of peer pressure and partly because the toddler method of expressing every passing feeling can be exhausting.

Still, some older children are extremely generous with their affection, like my eldest daughter that always like to hug me and said "I love you" many times a day. However, even if your child doesn't hug you at every opportunity, the signs of love will still be there. Some kids are very confiding and will tell you everything, while others are by nature more likely to keep things inside. But as long as you're there when your child needs you and are ready to listen, love will still flow in two directions.

The needy, clingy love of early childhood is starting to become more rich and complicated. Your child now feels empathy for you and others, and he'll start to love you as a person, not just a caregiver.

As a preschooler, he may enjoy spending one night at Grandma's house, but it won't be long before he's begging to come home. At the same time, he's starting to push for more independence, which means he needs your love and support now more than ever.

Even as your child strives to become his own person, he can't break the bond he has with you. You have a connection that goes back to before he was born, one that's propped up by affection, memories, and hormones.


Are you or someone you know expecting to deliver their bundle of joy this month?

My mom told me that she still kept my dried umbilical cord stump. She said that even if it has dried, it still contains vital stems cells that can be harvested and preserved. I am not sure whether it is true or not, but now you can preserve your newborn’s umbilical cord blood stem cells in a cord blood bank.
If you are pregnant or you know somebody that is pregnant, you might consider cord blood banking.

These are the reasons:

1. Stem cells from umbilical cord blood are known to treat over 75 diseases, and have been used in over 10,000 transplants worldwide. In addition to the value of these stem cells today, research is ongoing for a number of potential medical miracles in the future. But making the decision to save your baby's cord blood takes thoughtful consideration. Once you've learned all the facts, you won't trust anyone else but Cryo-Cell Cord Blood Bank to preserve this potential medical miracle.

2. Stem cells is nature's miracle.
Your baby's cord blood is rich in stem cells, which are special cells normally found in our bone marrow. Stem cells are the master cells responsible for producing all of the mature cells in our blood and immune system. They form the white cells that fight infection, the red cells that carry oxygen, the platelets that promote clotting and the cells of our immune systems.

Cryo-Cell offers a variety of payment plans and financing options to meet almost any budget. And if you enroll now and deliver by February 28th you will get Special Offers like UCORD $300 off and Protect Baby, Protect Mom $400 off.



So Small and So Wonderful

While our children's hands are fascinating, it's their feet that can provoke for many of us the realization that these joy-bringers in our life are truly small, impossibly beautiful, and need us desperately.


Web Design Tutorial for Idiots

So you new at web design (or probably don’t know anything about it) but you want to build your own site from scratch. Is it impossible? I think we all know that nothing is impossible if you put all your efforts into it. Plus there are many sites in the internet that explain how to. Including this new site called web design for idiots. You can click on the link to go to the web design for idiots main page website tutorials or About Web Design for Idiots .

This website is a tutorial website for people who are very new to the world of web design. The writer wrote posts that are fun to read but also newbie friendly. She (yes, she is a woman, a pretty one that is) includes a lot of links, graphics, and other resources to help people better grasp the concepts.

However, I have to tell you that this is a new blog, and the content is still limited. The best thing is that she said that she is constantly online, and she replying to questions if you have any question regarding web design. Click here to get your web design questions answered by web design for idiots or if you want to teach yourself oscommerce for newbies oscommerce file structure.

Personally, I find her explanation is clear and fun to read. I almost feel that she is talking directly to me like we are best friend. Unlike other site that offers tutorial, in this site you can even find the writer photos and bits about her.




How About Dad?

If you're a dad, the second parent in a same-sex couple, or an adoptive parent expecting a new baby, you won't experience the same hormonal boost and physical closeness with your developing child that pregnant moms do. But don't worry, your bond with your child won't suffer. Babies and older children have the capacity to form tight bonds with any caregiver who responds to their physical and emotional needs. Attachment theory — the guiding psychological principle of human relationships — says that people of all ages become deeply connected with others who provide a sense of security and support. People never outgrow their ability and desire to form these connections, so it's never too late to bond with a child.


Passion Search

I am working in Cookware manufacturing company, non-stick cookwares to be exact. I worked there before I got married. Almost all the employees there were single. We used to joke that because we sell non-stick cookwares, somehow the non-stick material rubbed to us and it made us also non-stick. Meaning nobody managed to stick to us. Luckily, I had a sweetheart from school before I joined the company, so the non-stick effect did not bother him. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I just want to tell you that I found this cool dating site called passion search. It doesn’t cost you a cent to join. Don’t tell me husband, but I sign up today. It’s not because I want to find a date, but I need to sign up in order to review this site.

I was quite surprise to see they have a lot of member. In fact when I sign in today, I saw more than 50,000 members are online. I could see their photos and their personal info and I could chat with them on spot. In fact while I was log in, I received 2 invitations to chat.
So, if you are still single and looking for a date. I strongly suggest you to try this site. Who knows, probably you will find your other half soon.



Love Before First Sight

Don't be surprised to find yourself loving your baby before you even meet. Soon-to-be parents are often hit by a potent mix of emotions and anticipation — and these feelings help set the stage for your relationship with your child.If you're a pregnant mom, powerful mommy hormones also lay the groundwork for your connection with your baby. These kick in during pregnancy, growing stronger as the weeks go by.

As your due date nears, your brain starts producing more and more oxytocin, a hormone that literally helps bring out the mother in you. Also known as the love hormone, oxytocin is responsible for maternal behavior like nuzzling and grooming in animals from rats to monkeys. For pregnant moms, its main job is to ease feelings of stress while fueling anticipation for the new arrival.

Oxytocin has attracted serious scientific interest in recent years. Animal studies suggest that it plays a huge role in all sorts of social behaviors, from raising babies to forming long-term relationships. Animals that don't produce oxytocin ignore their offspring and find different mates every season. Species that do make the hormone tend to be doting parents that form lasting bonds with their mates. So when your body starts pumping out oxytocin during pregnancy, it's as if love is coursing through your veins.

Your baby is also developing a bond with you, even in the womb. Studies show that his heart will beat a little faster at the sound of your voice. It's something that will excite and comfort your child now and for years to come.



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Reasons why you need a proxy account:

Security for Hotspot Wireless Access Users
Home Internet Users - Cable and DSL providers are well known for not filtering their network from exploits!
International Internet Users - Governments would like to prevent users from enjoying the Internet, with a USA IP there are no controls!
Easy online ordering when you travel - Many order forms on the Internet will automatically block certain countries from even ordering.
Bypass ISP Blocking for VOIP Applications like Skype
Full anonymity by hiding your real Proxy IP.
Unlike a proxy, you get secured connection for all programs you are using, (e.g ICQ, Email, FTP, News and anything that uses a Internet Connection)
American Based Unique Personal Fixed USA & Euro IP's
Anonymous Internet Surfing
Bypass geographical blocks from certain websites
Protection against your ISP


Dental Implant

Recently I come across this site that will satisfy all your questions about dental implant procedure. It includes all the information you could possibly need for your next visit to the dentist regarding dental implants. The guide was written in simple and plain English (versus sophisticated dentist’s language), so you will understand it. I think this site is a very useful site and I certainly advise you to look at it if you want to undergo a dental implant.

They have videos too, although the video is not easy to watch (Blood, cutting flesh, etc...). I strongly recommend not to watch this video if you plan to undergo dental implant surgery.


CSU Learning Partners

I think many times already I said that internet is the most wonderful invention so far. Without internet, I don’t think I can still keep my job. When I married with my husband, I have to follow him overseas, thus I told my boss that I wanted to resign. To my surprise my boss told me that I could work from home, and do all the correspondence and coordination using internet.
Actually, not only people can work from home using internet, but you can also enhance your knowledge, taking courses and get your degree online. A lot of people are studying while working nowadays. It is necessary step if you want to one step ahead in the job competition.

Every week more businesses and organizations discover the benefits of becoming a Columbia Southern University Partner. With their Free Learning Partner Program your employees/members gain access to their completely online degree and certificate programs at a special discounted partnership tuition rate. Spouses and children of employees/members are also eligible. Additional partner benefits include an application fee waiver ($25 value) and flexible On-Demand Courses that do not interfere with career or family obligations.

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Time to Buy House

It’s actually my dream to have a home of my own. With the drop of house value at this moment, probably it’s a good idea to start hunting for affordable house. If I can find one, then I think I need to borrow money.

Speaking about loan, Money Now! USA announced today that borrowers would be able to obtain loans faster than ever through its expanded lender group. The Scottsdale-based loan service company now has increased its lender group to include 77 lenders. The expansion allows loan applications to be processed faster than ever and gives customers the best chance to get the highest loan amounts on personal finance.


Teambuilding Tools

If you are Trainers or HR Executives, then you might be interested to check on this TOOBEES teambuilding tools. Currently they offer special limited time program with 165 Page Teambuilding Free Books. If you are interested, click on the link and check it out.


Should I Get New Cellular Phone?

The Brand New HTC Touch HD is simply the next big thing in the Windows Mobile realm. It's physically bigger than the iphone in dimension and in screen size yet feels light in the hand.

My friend, Amy has already been using the HTC HD for over a week and she said that it's by far the best windows based mobile on the market and looks fantastic. I think I can trust her opinion since she has a lot of experience with windows based phones. She said that she is pleased to say that the device is fast and the interface looks amazing plus is very intuitive.

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She Is Cruising

My 8 month old younger daughter started trying to pull herself up to a stand while holding onto her cot at 7 months. After a couple of weeks mastering this standing position, she started to cruise, moving from one side of the cot to the other side of the cot. She even be able to let go and stand without support for a few seconds now.

My mom used to say that I shouldn't let stand too long because it is bad for her joints and knees to be stading to early, but feel that I should let her develop at her own rate.