Sleepless Nights

Last week my younger daughter was down with flu. She was having high fever (almost 40C). Even after the fever medicine, the fever still could not went back to normal (still 38C +). To make it worse, only after 3 hours eating medicine, the fever started to hike up again. Thus, since I had to wait another 1 hour before I could give her another dose of medicine, I had to sponge her with water to cool her down. I had to keep doing it for 2 x 24 hours. Only the third day her temperature went back to normal and I could take a rest with relieve.

I guess you can predict that in those long nights, I had very little sleep (close to none). I was very tired and worried. My eyes was swollen because lack of sleep. I think I had a worse dark eye circles ever. I wish that I have those eye creams that you can buy at I hear that these creams can to improve the look of their eye area, including wrinkles, dark circles and bags. I would like to try it on my eyes to see whether the creams works or not.

Anyway, I am glad that my baby is OK now although she still has not got her appetite back.


Singing Bowls from Himalayas

Nowadays there are many ways of people to relieve stress and relaxing the mind from everyday hectic life. One of the methods is to do meditation and listen to a singing bowl. You must be wondering what these singing bowls are. These unique bowls is imported from Himalayas. Each Crystal Singing Bowls is manufactured to create a beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. Each bowl has different tone of sound, that is why when you bought the bowl you also will received the recorded sound file and individual picture to make sure that you got the correct bowl. If you are interested to buy one of these amazing singing bowls, you can check this website called Silver Sky. They carry handicraft items from Tibet and Nepal and shipping worldwide.


Radiator Problem

Nowadays almost every family at least has one car, some even has two or three. When I was just a little girl (about 35 years ago), my parents only had a motorcycle. Only after my brother was born then my parents bought a used car (we could not afford new car at that time) since it was very dangerous if four of us sat in one motorcycle. However our first outstation trip using that car became a disaster as the car broke down in the middle of nowhere. Some radiator problem, I think. In the end we had to go home by bus.

Anyway, if you are looking for radiator, you will find the perfect new Dodge Truck Radiator for your car or truck at They specialize in unsurpassed service and wholesale pricing on dodge trucks radiators.


Arts and Crafts Storage Solutions: In The Kitchen or Other Room

Stash it. If you're dealing with limited storage space, clear out a kitchen cabinet or a couple of drawers to dedicate to art supplies. This is a good idea even if you have more supplies in a playroom. Preschoolers like to be where you are, so having some crayons and paper in the kitchen will come in handy. Drawer dividers, which you can make yourself or buy in discount department stores, keep materials neatly separated. Other options: a corrugated cardboard chest of drawers placed in a closet or a wire rack unit with plastic drawers.

Look to the walls. A door-mountable canvas shoe holder, which you and your child can decorate with fabric markers or acrylic paint, is a simple way to display and store smaller-sized art supplies that might otherwise find themselves underfoot. Use half the pockets for collage materials (kids this age like gluing things together and working with different textures), such as colored glue sticks, feathers, cut-out shapes, vacation postcards, pipe cleaners, Popsicle sticks, and pom-poms. Keep potential choking objects like beads and buttons up high, out of reach. Use the other half of the pockets for miscellaneous supplies: scissors, brushes, clear and colored tape, a hole puncher.

Before hanging, decorate and code the front of each collage pocket by gluing a sample of the inside contents on the outside. (If you're using a glue gun, keep small children away from it. The glue dries immediately, but it's extremely hot to the touch for the first few seconds.) For the miscellaneous pockets, you might glue or stitch on letters of the alphabet in felt appliqués, using the first letter of each supply to designate what goes where: "S" for scissors, "B" for brushes, and so on. Mount the art-supply holder near your child's arts-and-crafts nook (and low enough for him to reach it) by using hooks or by looping a length of string, ribbon, or shoelace through three or four holes in the top of the canvas and then suspending the loops from picture hooks.


The Ultimate Road Trip Activity Bag

Nothing derails a family road trip faster than bored backseat passengers. A well-stocked activity bag can mute the "Are we there yet?" melody from the rear and help you log some serious miles in peace. How elaborate your activity bag should be depends on the length of your trip, how many children you'll need to entertain, and their ages and attention spans. These parent- and kid-tested supplies will help you motor without meltdowns.

Books on tape or CD: Nothing makes the miles fly by faster. Fairy tales and other familiar stories are your best bet for keeping toddlers' attention. Starting at about age 3, most kids can follow a more complex story line, and books-on-tape become a great way to pass time on the road. You can all listen together to family favorites like Harry Potter, or the kids can listen on individual portable audio players with headphones, allowing the adults in the car to rock out or listen to something more sophisticated. Check your local library for free rentals.

Portable CD or tape player(s): Remember headphones and plenty of AA batteries.A cheap 9" x 12" baking sheet: Use as a playing surface so crayons, Matchbox cars, Legos, and other small items don't roll away. (Repeatedly retrieving dropped toys gets old really quickly.)

Magnetized letters, numbers, and shapes: Use these with the baking sheet to make words, spell names, or create pictures.

Sticker books, activity books, and stick-on plastic picture sets: Particularly great for toddlers — they allow your child to express creativity without using pens on the upholstery.

Crayons or markers: Markers are best for kids 3 and up, crayons for kids under 3.A trip notebook: A great way to capture memories of your family's road trip. Your child can draw and place stickers en route, and you can help by adding a few notes about the trip at the end of the day.

Sticker cameras: These zippy little cameras (like the I-Zone) spit out miniature instant photos with adhesive backing. You can really burn some rubber while your kids wait for their photos to develop. They can add these images to their trip notebook.

A few gift-wrapped surprise presents: Hint: if you wrap them in several layers, they take longer to open. You can even recycle old toys — several months before a trip, find a few small toys that your child enjoys, but hasn't played with in a while and pack them away. Then wrap them and give them to your child on the road.

Colored pipe cleaners: Make animals, people, jewelry, or just crazy shapes.

Soap bubbles: Don't worry about the upholstery; you can wipe it down later (with soap!). Blowing bubbles keeps kids of all ages busy. Blow them out the window and have one person keep watch for the reactions in other cars.

A small flashlight: Useful for rest stops at night, but also fun to shine out the window (as long as it's not pointed at other drivers). Can also make it easier to read or draw in the back seat without bothering the driver.

A miniature battery-powered clip-on reading light: Absolutely essential for older kids, allowing them light for reading, card games, and other activities without distracting the driver.

Educational "talking" toys: Be careful not to bring along anything with too many annoying sounds.

Portable electronic games: Keeps older kids occupied for hours on a long trip.

A portable DVD/video player: A surefire sanity-saver on a long trip. If your car isn't equipped with one, you can rent a portable player online and they'll ship it to you.

Restaurant fun box: Put crayons, pens, and coloring books or paper and some plastic animals, cars, or blocks in a separate box or giant sealable plastic bag that you can bring into restaurants with you to make wait time go faster


Almost 2 Years

Time passed so fast. In just a blink of the eyes, I have been blogging for almost 2 years already. If you notice, I rarely update my blog, nowadays. Only once in a while and not as often as last time. The reason is because since the economic slow down, not much opportunity to do product review anymore. I tried to submit my blog to other company, but since my blog have big fat zero rank, they rejected my blog. Some of you probably said that the reason I have zero page rank is because I do paid review. It’s not a secret that google doesn’t like blog with that kind of posts.

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