Tips for Organizing

With the change of seasons just around the corner, I find myself craving change. I’m ready for cooler temperatures, refreshing (and more frequent) rain showers, and the structure provided by our back-at-school routine. While I wait patiently for Mother Nature to refresh things on the outside, it’s a terrific time to freshen things up on the inside, as well. If you’re craving change, too, here are some ideas to get you started.

Whether the source is school or the ramp-up of volunteer activities, the season of “more paper” is just about upon us. Tweak your paper management systems now so they’re ready to handle the influx of fall’s many papers. Clean out old files to create space for new projects and paperwork. And look for ways to simplify your filing systems so it’s easier to stay on top of it all.

Freshen up your closet by donating items that have grown tired and faded over the past season. You’ll create breathing room and space for something new.

Make plans to freshen up a room in your home. Peruse magazines for DIY ideas, or take a trip to the paint or fabric store for swatches.

Create the feeling of fall inside by pulling out a few pieces of your fall decor. Seeing these items will remind you that cooler days are just around the corner.

Use the seasonal change in routines due to back-to-school or the lessening of daylight hours to carve out space in your schedule for something new. Sign up for the yoga class that’s been on your “someday” list for way too long, or work a daily walk into your morning routine.

One of the ultimate goals of organizing your closet is to weed out clothing that you no longer wear. To help, here’s a simple tip. The day before your closet organizing session, wear your absolute favorite outfit. Then, take note of how terrific you feel throughout the day. Use these feelings on closet organizing day as your litmus test as you sort through your clothing and decide what to keep and what to let go of. Wouldn’t it be amazing to feel favorite-outfit-good every single day? By making the right choices as you organize your closet, you can work toward that reality—feeling terrific about your organized closet, and what’s stored inside it, too.