Your Own Domain? Why Not!

Time passed so fast. In just a blink of the eyes, I have been blogging for 2 years already. If you notice, I rarely update my blog, nowadays. Only once in a while and not as often as last time. The reason is because since the economic slow down, not much opportunity to do product review anymore. I tried to submit my blog to other company, but since my blog have big fat zero rank, they rejected my blog. Some of you probably said that the reason I have zero page rank is because I do paid review. It’s not a secret that google doesn’t like blog with that kind of posts.

I hear that if you have your own domain, you can boost up your rank. I am thinking of buying my own domain if that is true, so I can get more opportunities to earn more money. Many hosting providers claim to be the best in one way or another, but not all hosts can be the best! If you have a hard time choosing a good hosting provider, you should head your way to this web hosting review site.

Don’t forget to look at their blog. You can find a lot of interesting informations there.



Tey said...

Nahhh not really. You will probably boost your rank buying a domain, but if you continously link different irrelevant links and dont work for your blog, you will eventually loose its rank again. Thanks for sharing my friend
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