Wool Felt

With autumn here and the holidays approaching, it’s time to think about holiday decorating and gift giving. Wool felt is an ideal choice for seasonal decorations and gifts. Discover why designers like working with wool felt and learn some tips from the experts.

Wool felt is a popular choice for artists and designers because it has many great properties.

It requires no edge finish and doesn’t ravel.
It is heirloom quality, making it suitable for pieces meant to last.
It is dense enough to provide some stability, but at about 1/16 inch thick, it is still soft and pliable to work with.
The fibers don’t pill or pull away from the surface

Wool felt can be used for making wall hangings, Christmas stockings, tree ornaments, purses, gift bags, journal covers and more. It is a great choice for appliqué because the edges don’t need to be turned under. However, for added embellishment, designers often finish the edges with hand or machine blanket stitching or machine satin stitches.