Active Toddler

My daughter is a very active toddler. When my parent come to visit me, they were amazed to see the different between me when I was a toddler and her. According to my mother in law, my husband also a very good toddler last time. So, why my daughter is totally different from us?

I always thought that children nowadays very active compares with the children in my generation (possibly because the milk, food and the environment), until my daughter went to pre-kindergarden. I can see that not all children very naughty like my daughter. Most of them is very good. She is among the hyper-active one. The one that can not sit still and always like to run around. In the class, she also can not pay attention very long. Her mind is always wandering somewhere after sometimes, or she play with something.

Then what makes her so active? Somebody please tell me. Is it because both me and my husband very good, now our daughter become hyper-active just to balance it? Hahahahaha!