Uphamol vs Panadol Suspension for Children

I always give DD Uphamol 250 everytime she got fever. However yesterday I run out of it although normally I keep stock at least 1 bottle. It seems I used all of it already. Somehow the pharmacy where I use to buy medicine didn’t carry that medicine anymore. They offers the substitute Panadol suspension. Since DD is only 3 years old, I choose the one that for 1 to 6 years.

However, at home, when I read the instruction, I just realized that I need to give more than I used to give if I use Uphamol.

You see, normally I gives DD 5 ml (her pediatrician prescribes this), but when I read the instruction in Panadol for 1 – 6 years, I need to give 6 ml to 10 ml.
It’s very difficult to give 5 ml to DD somemore now I have to give more?
Furthermore the opening of the bottle is so small that I can’t insert my syringe in (I use syringe to feed the medicine to DD).

I asked my DH to look for Uphamol in another pharmacy, but he also could not find it. This time he bought Panadol for 6 years and above. This time, I can give the same amount (5 ml), but the solution is so thick that I can’t pour it out.

I think I have to really hunt for Uphamol 250. Panadol is not my type.