Get Your Priority Straight

The other day I watch Oprah show. It’s about couples that have a lot of debt. Their spending is more than their income. Most of the time they paid using credit card, but by the time the due date to pay, they can not afford to pay. The balance keep increasing so does the interests.

I think that is the disadvantage of using credit card. Sure you don’t have to pay right away when you go shopping, that is why you don’t feel that you spend your money. However, in the end of the month you still have to pay, and that is when you can feel it.

When you don’t use credit card, and only bring cash, you can reduce the impulse buying. You will think for a moment, whether your cash is enough or not. If your cash is not enough, then you won’t buy it and probably think to get it the next day. However, the next day, it’s another different story, and in the end you ended up not buying it.