Swine Flu

Two days ago my eldest daughter developed running nose, after I gave her cold medicine, the next day she was OK. However, yesterday, my youngest daughter was having a fever. I feel sad and worried whenever my daughters are sick. It’s not helping also to hear about Swine Flu lately. Yesterday, I saw the news that 1 toddler has died in US.

Swine Influenza or Swine Flu receives its name from the host it is most likely to inhabit. This particular strain of influenza virus typically affects swine (pigs) and has been known to cross infect humans who work closely with both swine and poultry – especially those who have concentrated exposure. From there, however, this type of influenza can mutate into a flu strain that is possible to pass from one person to another. This is the health crisis that we are currently facing.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is releasing some anti-viral medications to help deal with the outbreak. But in terms of prevention, they are recommending frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water, covering mouth and nose with tissues when sneezing or coughing, and staying home if you feel ill.

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The Mother said...

It is absolutely disgusting that so many people will so wantonly take advantage of people's fear and ignorance.