3 Questions About: The 1-Year Checkup

What can I expect at my child's 1-year checkup?

Expect the doctor to weigh and measure your child, check his eyesight and hearing, give him a head-to-toe, front-to-back physical exam, and vaccinate him. She'll also ask you questions about your child's overall health and nutrition and his physical and cognitive development, and give you some feedback based on your answers and her observations. She may also check your child's hemoglobin level (to look for anemia) and lead level (if there's a risk of environmental lead exposure), if these haven't been checked already.

How can I prepare?

Decide ahead of time whether you want your toddler to get the varicella vaccine (to prevent chicken pox) and the hepatitis A vaccine, both of which are optional but recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Be ready to answer questions about your child's sleeping, eating, teething, motor skills, communication skills, social skills, vision, and hearing. It also helps to bring a list of any questions you'd like to ask the doctor — and your child's immunization record if you have one, so that it can be updated.

What questions should I ask?

Consider asking about whether you should give your child vitamins or supplements and about treating health problems that may come up (like colds or injuries). Ask about any worries you may have about your toddler's health, development, or behavior, and about how to stimulate his development.

Finally, ask about what you can expect in the coming months.



catherine said...

thanx for great info. my baby has 5 months more to go to turn 1 yo. It is very useful for me as reference!