How To Look Younger This Summer

There is a new online magazine that I just found. It is Scrubs magazine. Although this online magazine is dedicated to all things nursing, I found the articles are applicable for moms like me. This summer edition they have article about “How to Look Younger”. I think every woman (or man) wants to look younger. Esspecially mom with 2 toddlers like me, who has to cleans, cooks and make sure everything is speck and clean besides taking care my two toddlers. It’s not helping that my husband works late most of the time. By the end of the day, I just want to drop my body in bed and sleep. Luckily I don’t have to go to office the next day (did I mention that I have a full time job, too?), because most of the time I have dark circles, puffy eyes and dull skin on my face.

Back to the “How to Look Younger” article I mentioned in above paragraph, I found the tips are easy to do and helpful. Tips like “never went to bed with make up on” and “moisturize your face” probably something that you have already known. However, I find tips like “use moisturizer that contains retinoids, a form of vitamin A” and “sleep on the back” very informative.

Beside “How to Look Younger” article, there are others informative articles that worth to read. So, I think you can head over there yourself and read.