Helpful Shortcuts

Here are a handful of parent-tested ideas to make life easier:

Create your own ready-to-go meals and snacks.
Fill a set of plastic bowls (with lids) or plastic snack bags with individual servings of your child's favorite finger foods so you'll have them at the ready when you need them for meals and outings.

Equip your car.
Keep a supply of nonperishable drinks and snacks, diapers, and other necessities in your car so you don't have to spend time gathering things when you want to leave the house. Some moms keep a second diaper bag in the car for this purpose.

Go high tech.
Pay bills, do your banking, and even shop for groceries online.

Soak before you wash.
Fill your sink or a bucket with soapy water and place dirty dishes, bottles, and other cooking and eating items in there. When you get around to them, they'll be much easier to clean.

Invest in housekeeping supplies.
Consider splurging on cleaning and laundry supplies that may cost more but will save you time or energy. Keep organized and clutter-free by using a good system of shelves, baskets, and other containers.