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My eldest daughter is starting primary school this year. It means I am spending more time behind the wheel than ever before, and this is leaving less time for my hobby. During weekdays, I spend more than 2 hours driving to run errands, or to pick up or drop my eldest daughter to school. So when I heard about Evie, I immediately install it to my iPhone.

You must be wandering who or what is Evie. Evie is a voice-enabled application that helps you stay connected on a go. Hand’s free!! You just install this application on your iPhone and you can tell Evie what you want and Evie will do it for you. Isn’t this amazing? Among what Evie can do are: Make a phone call, play items on your iPod, find businesses or points of interest, and listen to Facebook news feed. Interested? You can download Evie for FREE!

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You know what else? I also think Evie is going to be an ideal companion during knitting time. It’s troublesome have to stop and put down your knitting halfway in a certain row when you suddenly remember that you need to make a certain phone call. By the time you finished your phone call, pick-up your knitting back, you have forgotten the pattern. I am talking about lace knitting! Not a simple garter stitch or stockinette stitch. I think all the knitter out there agree with me.



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Tozca Leather said...

thank you my friend will try it out