What's the best way to treat diaper rash?

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Keep your baby clean and dry by changing his diaper frequently. That may mean getting him up at night for a diaper change.

Rinse his diaper area well at each diaper change. Some parents keep cotton balls and a squirt bottle or an insulated container of warm water at the changing table for easy, gentle cleanups. Pat your baby's skin dry — don't rub!

Using a barrier ointment — one that forms a protective layer on the skin — after every diaper change can help protect your baby's irritated skin from stool and urine. There are several good barrier ointments on the market, including petroleum ointment and white zinc oxide, which is thicker and good for protecting very sensitive skin.

Put your baby's diaper on loosely or use a diaper that's a little big on him to allow for better air circulation. If your baby wears cloth diapers, don't use plastic pants. If you buy disposables, try a different brand to see if that helps.

When the weather is warm and your baby can play outside or in a room with an easy-clean floor, leave his diaper (and ointment) off for as long as possible every day. Exposure to the air will speed healing.

Consider letting your baby sleep with a bare butt whenever he has a rash. A plastic sheet under the cloth sheet will help protect the mattress.

Lastly, use baby butt paste.

I said this based on my own experience. My daughter got her diaper rash while being cared for in the hospital within days of being born. Every nurse had their opinion as to how to clear it up. Nothing worked. After bringing her home after 9 days in the hospital, my aunt bought me
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