Web Design Tutorial for Idiots

So you new at web design (or probably don’t know anything about it) but you want to build your own site from scratch. Is it impossible? I think we all know that nothing is impossible if you put all your efforts into it. Plus there are many sites in the internet that explain how to. Including this new site called web design for idiots. You can click on the link to go to the web design for idiots main page website tutorials or About Web Design for Idiots .

This website is a tutorial website for people who are very new to the world of web design. The writer wrote posts that are fun to read but also newbie friendly. She (yes, she is a woman, a pretty one that is) includes a lot of links, graphics, and other resources to help people better grasp the concepts.

However, I have to tell you that this is a new blog, and the content is still limited. The best thing is that she said that she is constantly online, and she replying to questions if you have any question regarding web design. Click here to get your web design questions answered by web design for idiots or if you want to teach yourself oscommerce for newbies oscommerce file structure.

Personally, I find her explanation is clear and fun to read. I almost feel that she is talking directly to me like we are best friend. Unlike other site that offers tutorial, in this site you can even find the writer photos and bits about her.