High School Reunion

I had a high school reunion last week, but unfortunately I could not attend it as I am living in another country now with 2 young children to care for and believe me travelling with 2 children is not easy (not to mention paying for the extra flight tickets).

Although I could not attend the reunion but I was still able to look at the photos of the event in the internet (how I love internet). It was fun to see all the familiar faces of my high school colleagues. Some are fatter and older (especially the men). However, most of the ladies haven’t changed much over the years. I guess, all that skin care does work.

Anyway, I saw the current pictures of some of my high school teachers also that attended the reunion. I was happy to see that my favorite teacher was there. He was my inspiration to become a better person. He was a dedicated teacher and always had time for all of us whenever we had questions.

I believe one way or another, we all had a teacher or a mentor that touched our lives and inspired us to become a better person. If you had one and have lost contact with him or her, you can try to find him or her using MyLife.