The US election has passed quite sometime ago, but the buzz of how Obama won the election is still around. People are still talking about how he won the election.

Why did Obama win the presidency campaign? Is he better than the other candidate? Or is he simply the lucky one? It is very interesting to learn that Obama actually focused on utilizing the viral and democratic nature of the web. We all know that the internet is a system that proves to be both a powerful tool and is inexpensive too. Obama focused on cheap yet effective resources, which mobilize huge fan bases that would generate buzz in their spare time for free. Thus the result is a very powerful word-of-mouth campaign.

There’s even a report called Obamanomics that studies this phenomenon. The whole exercise finally ended in a landslide victory for him even though he was up against the war-hero and experienced statesman John McCain.

If you are interested to read more details about obamanomics and want to learn something from it, please feel free to click on the link and read on!

After this phenomenon, it is interesting to see how the next USA presidential candidates will use the web or internet for the next election.