To Do List

I just love it when I had a good productive day. All the chores and job sometimes makes me overwhelm in the beginning of the day. I am a housewife, and I have a daughter to take care, I also have work to do (I work at home), and I also have a hobby turn to side business to tend to.

Luckily, I am staying with my parent in law, so I don’t have to cook. My MIL cooks for me. So, every morning, when I check my work email and see so many emails to follow up, it kind of depressed me. Because I know then that day I won’t be able to spend time on my side business.

Sometimes, you want to delay and push aside problems. However, they will nag you the whole day and you still have to face it tomorrow. It won’t go away by themselves.

Normally, if I feel overwhelmed, I will list all the things that I have to do. Just list everything that you can think of, then I will tackled the easiest first. Once done, scrap it. After several things done, I will feel much better and have more energy to finish the rest.

But, in the end of the day, if I managed to finish all the chores and settled all the problems, I will feel satisfied and accomplished



Shebadoo said...

I also feel frustrated whenever I have tons of work piled up. I can't do them right away because like you I am a wife and mom and work at home. Sigh! :)

Anyway, you have an award in my blog! Come check it out!