Drug Addiction

Addiction has become a very serious health issue and problem in the US and is still on the rise today. Addiction is defined as the need for a person to indulge in something that may or may not have negative consequences on the person’s physical or mental health and their social state. There are many different forms of addiction, some that are much more physically harmful than others. Treatment options, which are available in many different forms, are also in abundance in the US for people with addiction problems.

Different from the original believe, scientists found out that drug addiction is a brain disease. Although initial use might be voluntary, however, an individual with specific abnormalities in the brains will develop severe addiction to drugs. Because drug addiction is a disease, drug addict can not be cured simply by her or his will power alone. They may be not even realized that they have become a drug addict. Needle marks or bruises on the arms, legs, or bottoms of feet are a sign in identifying a drug addict. Unusual attempts to hide these areas can also be used in identifying a drug addict. Another way of identifying a drug addict is noticing a loss of interest in activities and a change in friends. A drug addict will often stop doing the things that he or she used to do in order to do drugs. This is where an intervention is needed. Intervention is more likely to be successful if it is conducted by professionals rather than by only friends or family member.

The Chapman House drug rehab is capable of performing Intervention on both adults and adolescents. As professional Interventionists, they have witnessed first hand the method of Intervention, which is 96% successful.

Drug detoxification is typically a 7-day process. The Chapman House is unique because they go above and beyond other Detox programs. Most programs offer their patients staff supervision during the initial withdrawal process. Their detox program not only offers ongoing supervision, but also the expertise of their Licensed Physician and Licensed Psychologist who specialize in addictive medicine.



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I really agree with you on addiction being a major problem since long almost throughout the country. As it is known, addiction not only affects the drug abusing people but it also affects their loved ones. Thanks to centers like the one you mentioned above and LakeViewHealth addiction treatment center, which are established to help addicted people get treatment programs available to overcome their addiction.