How Time Flies

This year, my daughter is going to be 5 years old. How time flies. I felt that it just yesterday I brought her home from hospital. I want her to grow up to become a smart and independent girl. I know that growing up means becoming one's own person. With that come differing opinions, rebellion, and loss of complete parental control. The humorous thing is that when our kids begin to exhibit this perfectly natural behavior, many of us cringe! Life was simpler when they didn't question our authority.

Anyway, there are many more years before my daughter will go through adolescent. I will help her to be more self-confident as a self confident will go a long way toward facilitating her success. Girls who feel competent can cope with life's stresses better than those who think they are inept. Self-assurance also allows girls to take the risks necessary to learn and grow. For your daughter to become strong, feel good about who she is, and draw upon her inner resources, she must (1) get to know herself well, (2) think of herself as capable, and (3) believe she can measure up to others' expectations.

Like all the smart girls that Amy Poehler interviewed in this below video. I saw that all of them very confident with themselves.

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