Happy Chinese New Year!

Last week, we celebrated Chinese New Year. We had a lot of guests coming to our house. I think I took almost 500 photos since Sunday. I plan to delete some of the photos but I will still end up with a lot of photos. Most of the photos I took were actually photos of my daughters’ since they looked so cute in their new dresses. My MIL gave each of them 15 new dresses to wear for the first 15 days of this Chinese New year, one new dress per day. I plan to put their photos online so my parents can also see them.

Talking about sharing photos, do you know that Ceiva digital photo frames are very different from the other digital photo frames. You can receive photo from your friends or family members from everywhere around the world. No PC or internet is required. You just have to plug and connect the digital frame to the phone line and you are ready to enjoy all the photos without having to print them.

Now you can buy the frame for only $29.99 with the purchase of a year worth of subscription to the picture plan and if you order it now, you will get FREE ground shipping. This offer is only valid until the 13th of February.




tikno said...

Gong Xi Fa Chai
Xin Nian Kuai Le

Hong Bao ...? ha...ha...
Wishing you be blessed with longevity and good health.