Up Date

Remember my SIL that have oligohydramnios complication with her pregnancy? In the end the water getting less and less until it is less than 1 cm. The doctor did another 4D ultra sound and found out that the baby kindney was not functioning. I think this was the reason why there was no water, because the baby was not urinated.

Anyway, since it was dangerous for the mother to have less than 1 cm water, the doctor decided to induce he to labor. Her pregnancy was 25 weeks at that time. After more than 25 hours in labor, the baby was born. It was a baby boy! His length was 11 inch and weight about 900 grams. However due to the condition of his lungs and kidneys, he only lived for 20 minutes. However, the mother is doing fine. I think that is the most important thing. Hopefully, they can get over their grief fast and trying to get pregnant again soon.