Common Mistakes Parents Make on Car Seat

Do you know that every year, more than 90,000 children under age 8 are injured in car crashes, and more than 1,000 are killed. In fact, auto accidents are by far the leading cause of death for American children. Horrible isn’t it?

The thing is even parents realized the danger of not putting the car seat for their children, yet they still don’t put the children on car seat once in a while. Majority reasons why parents sometimes didn’t put their children on car seat are “it’s only short distance ride” and “my children don’t like it”. Safety experts hear these reasons too often from distraught parents after tragedy has struck. Remember, a one-time lapse can result in a lifetime of regret.

Here are the common mistakes parents make:
Not using a safety seat consistently
Using an old or secondhand seat
Turning your child to face forward too soon
Moving your child out of his car seat or booster too soon
Not installing a safety seat correctly
Not using a locking clip or using it incorrectly
Not securing your child in the seat
Not buckling a car seat into the car
Holding your child on your lap
Letting two kids share one seat belt
Letting your child ride in the front seat