About 6 months ago, my eldest daughter cut her own hair (fringe and some part on the left side) with scissor. Recently her fringe grew back to the original length like before she cut it. There is one part on the left side still shorter than the rest but at least it is long enough for me to tie without looking weird now.

Every morning I always comb her hair and do her hair with different style. I remember my mom used to do my hair back then when I was small. Every morning I sit in front of the mirror and my mom would ask me what kind of hair style I wanted to have for that day. I remembered that I even requested for “Nellie Oleson” hair style. Nellie Oleson was a character in “Little House in The Prairie” serial TV. She had long curly hair that bounced when she walked. For that particular hair style, my mom had to put paper roller on my hair before I went to bed, so the next morning I would have nice curly hair.