Less Educated Mother

The AAP recommended in 2005 that babies from birth to age one sleep in the same room as their parents, to make it easier for mothers and fathers to monitor the child, but should not share a bed.

To investigate factors involved in how parents choose a sleeping place for their infants, the researchers looked at 708 mothers of babies up to eight months old who were getting nutritional assistance from WIC, a federal program to help low-income families.

The researchers found that 48.6 percent of mothers reported sharing a room, but not a bed, with their infants; 32.5 percent shared a bed with their child; and 18.9 percent had the baby sleep in his or her own room. Teenage mothers were more likely to bed-share, as were less educated mothers.

At this moment, I am co sleeping with my baby. Since I am not a teenage anymore, I guess I fall into less educated mother category.