How to Choose Silver Jewellery

As gold getting more expensive, a lot of peoples turn their heads at other precious metal like silver. Silver looks great almost on everybody, especially if you have fair skin. Silver also looks great with the black evening dress as it shines brilliantly reflects light on its white surface.

When you decided to buy silver jewellery, make sure that you choose the good quality along with good design. A timeless design of good quality silver can become your heirloom jewellery to hand down from generation to generation.

Good sterling silver made up of 925 part silver to 75 part alloy such as copper, nickel or zinc. The added elements give sterling silver increase strength and durability. This is why jewellery is often stamped with the numbers 925 or .925. So, next time you buy your sterling silver jewellery, make sure it has 925 or .925 stamp on it. Sterling Silver Jewellery looks shinier than pure silver but it does need maintenance and cleaning. Keeping your sterling silver jewellery in a dry and sealed bag would ensure that the shine would last longer.

There are many online shops that sell sterling silver. One of my favorites is They only sell silver jewellery which has high silver content and carries the .925 stamp. Their site looks clean, easy to navigate, plus they have clear photo of their each jewellery (nothing put me off than seeing blur photo). They have nice selections of sterling silver jewellery, but I especially fancy their Sterling Silver Bracelets and Silver Bangles. Specially this bangle:

I have simple black dress that I bought on sale recently. It is just a simple plain dress and I need to accessorize it a bit, and I think bangle is a perfect choice. Since shipping is free, there is more temptation to buy.



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I've been buying and selling 925 sterling since 2003 and I could say the article is correct... I have a lot of experience towards silver...