She didn't like menthol vapor

Like I said that my youngest daughter had phlem on her lung. At night she woke up many times because she could not breath properly. I rub her chest with Vicks, but that method was not working. Thus, we decided to try letting her breath the vapor of crystal menthol with hot water. I just put few small bits of crystal menthol on a mug and put very hot water. We put the mug about 20 cm away from her and let her breath the vapor from the mug. She didn’t like the smell and try to get away, but I held her down. After several sessions, she puked a lot of phlem out and she slept through the night.

The funny thing was, when the first session she had the nebulizer in the hospital (before I let her inhaled the menthol vapor), she cried. However, the second time she had the nebulizer (the next day after she inhaled menthol vapor), she was quite enjoying it and was not crying at all. I think probably she thought that the nebulizer much better than the menthol vapor.