How To Give Medicine to Your Baby

When my eldest daughter was a baby, I had no problem giving her medicine. I just used oral syringe. It accurately measures and completely administers even the thickest medicines with ease. When she is about 2 years, it was getting harder but I still could hold her with one hand and gave the medicine with the other hand. Things a bit more complicated when she was 3 years as she was a big toddler already and I had no strength to hold her with 1 hand. Thankfully, now she is able to gulp down the medicine without any problem after I told her that she needs the medicine to get well.

There are many ways to give your children medicine. Keep in mind that there are some medicines that should not be taken with certain foods or with any food at all. It's very important that you ask your baby's doctor or your pharmacist before combining or following up your baby's medication with a favorite treat. Remember that the tips on mixing medicines with food and juice only apply once your baby is eating solids.

Below is some of the ways:

1. New gadget that looks like pacifier but has a little measuring cup attached to hold the medicine. You put the medicine in, give the pacifier to the baby, and as he sucks, down goes the medicine! No mess, no fuss.

2. An alternative to yet another gadget is the bottle nipple. It works best when timed right before feedings for a hungry baby. Pour the measured medication into the nipple and let baby begin to feed. When the medicine is gone, screw the nipple onto the bottle and continue feeding.

3. Mix the medicine with a couple of ounces of breast milk, formula, juice, or yoghurt. Ask the doctor first to make sure the medicine doesn't need to be taken on an empty stomach and that there are no possible interactions with the juice.

4. Add some flavoring to liquid medicine

5. Try to thin the medicine by mixing it with a teaspoon or two of water.