My Poor Baby

My youngest daughter last week started to cough. I think she got it from my eldest daughter. After 3 days the cough didn’t get any better but worse. Thus on Monday I immediately brought both my daughters to see doctor. My rule of thumb is that after 3 days if the sickness doesn’t get any better, then it’s time to see the doctor. The doctor said that the cough was caused by Respiratory syncytial virus.

Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is common in babies. Symptoms resemble those of a cold, with a worsening cough and labored breathing. RSV usually strikes between November and mid-March and is sometimes no more troublesome than a cold. But it can lead to more serious respiratory illnesses, such as bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small breathing tubes) and pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) — especially in babies under a year old.

What worries me was that according to the doctor there was phlem on her lung. She gave my baby nebulizer on the spot. A nebulizer is a device used to administer medication to people in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs. It is commonly used in treating cystic fibrosis, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

She also gave her a couple of medicine to give at home. She said that we needed to come back on next 2 days and if there is still phlem on her lung, the she needed to admit to the hospital. Luckily after 2 days, she was OK and her lung was clear.



sheila said...

I'm glad your daughter is doing better. When my daughter was 5 weeks old she also caught the RSV virus - it is SOO scary in infants, one day they have a cough and sniffle and the next day they can barely breath. She was in the hospital for three days on oxygen and breathing treatments. Do you know that at the Childrens Hospital where I live they have a whole wing of the hospital for babies with RSV.