Naughty Labrador

I have two dogs, a Rottweiler and a Labrador. The Rottweiler is already almost 5 years old but the Labrador about 7 months old. Since the Labrador one is very naughty, we chain him up. Once in a while, he managed to break the chain and run around in my front yard and created a mess. He chewed the newspaper and broke several pots.

Yesterday, when I went outside in the morning, I saw him turned round and round until the chain entangled become very short and he could not move at all. Since it’s very difficult for me to open up the chain, I simply turn him round and round back. Hahahaha! You should see his expression when I did that. He looked confused, and after several turn, he simply refused to budge. Very funny! Luckily at that time, the chain already loosen up.