Did You Spoiled Your Baby?

I read an article stating that young babies are completely spoil-proof. That your baby needs all the care and attention you can give and there is no way that you can spoil your baby by giving her/him your full attention.

I agree to this article to a certain degree. I agree that baby is too young to purposefully manipulate or annoy you. A baby cries to communicate his/her needs, whether they're for a bottle of milk, a dry diaper, or a little cuddling with Mom or Dad. When you respond quickly to your baby, you're building his sense of self-worth. You're also establishing a foundation of trust that can last for years to come.

However, I have learned that if you don’t response to your baby correctly you will “spoiled” him/her. I learn this the hard way. When I just had my first daughter, I always responded to her immediately whenever she cried by picking her up. It’s a BIG MISTAKE as later on she expected me to carry her all the time. With my youngest daughter, I always responded to her but I didn’t pick her up yet. I would just checked on her and attended to whatever her needs. As she is almost 6 months now, I let her cry a bit if I am in the middle of doing something as I want her to be able to amuse herself. On some occasion, I even let her cry to sleep, but of course I had already made sure that she was full and comfortable. Normally she would cry less than 5 minutes before fell to sleep, but most of the time she just fell to sleep without crying.