Is She Learning to Crawl?

My youngest daughter is almost 6 months. She knows how to rollover, sitting unaided a few second and she also knows how to hold her own milk bottle (when the bottle already half empty). Yesterday, she tried so hard to get the remote control from under my pillow. When I moved her, she cried with frustration. She also able to move forward to get something that interests her by rollover and rollback many times. Since 2 days ago, I also noticed that she raised her butt. Is she learning to crawl? She is much faster than her sister. I remember last time my eldest daughter at this age, just started to rollover.

Anyway, all babies are unique and meet milestones at their own pace. Developmental guidelines simply show what your baby has the potential to accomplish.



Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

it must be so exciting to watch your baby learn these things. I use to watch my niece try to crawl. yeah, sometimes they cry out of frustration but like all baby's she got in time =)