7 Months: Her Milestones

My youngest daughter is 7 months now. Here are the lists of what she can do:

1. Pulls herself from sleeping postion to sitting position without help.
Drags object toward herself. She loved to grab paper, handphone, remote control, diaper, book. This are also the things that my older daughter loved to grab last time.

2. Lunges forward. She can move very fast when she saw things that attract her attention.

3. Jabbers or combines syllables. At one night after she was falling asleep, me and hubby still talking. Our conversation woke her up and she started to complaining and jaberring until we stopped talking and she went to sleep again.

4. Says "mama" and "papa" although I am not sure whether she actually understood the meaning of them.

5. Pulls self to standing (We only discovered this 3 days ago). It's kind of exciting to see her managed to stand.