My eldest daughter loves to make her baby sister laughes by playing peekaboo. This game has never failed my youngest daughter to laugh and squel loudly. Why? Because it mimics what she is just coming to understand about the world: that objects and people still exist even when he can't see them (a jack-in-the-box is fun right now, too.). That's why she finds quick appearances and disappearances amusing.

Understanding this concept, also known as object permanence, is an important milestone, and signals that your baby is making leaps in cognitive development — both his memory and his ability to think abstractly are growing.



Running mommy said...

My husband never outgrew this stage. Whenever I want to talk to him about something he doesn't want to talk about he looks down, so I can't see his face.

I'm sure he's hoping I'll disappear!

Maybe I should explain the concept of object permance to him!

shydub said...

my son too loves playing peek-a-boo with us or sometimes on himself at the mirror. atleast their learning about object permanence with this game