What is your reason blogging?

Actually my original reason blogging was because I want to update my parents about my children’s developments and also because I got the thrill to see my own writing was published for the whole world to see. Originally I didn’t expect anybody else beside my parents and family to find my blog, so imagine my excitement when I saw totally stranger leaves comment on my blog.

Along the way, I found new friends and one of them even become one of my best friends even I have never met her in person. Later on I found that I can make money by blogging. The money is not much, but it really helps me to pay the bills. Besides, I learn so many things from all the various topics that I have to write. Plus, because one of the rule is for you to post your own post in between paid posts, I have the motivation to keep updating this blog.

So what is your reason blogging?



Running mommy said...

As they say: blogging is cheaper than therapy.
Blogging provides me with an outlet for all the day's happenings.