Place to Share Your Stuffs and More!!

Do you know that there is new place to show off your stuffs? It’s called acobay. In Acobay you can share the joy in getting you dreamed stuffs with the world. You can tell the community how much it is, why you like the stuff, or sometimes, why you don't like it. You can even upload photos for your new stuff. If you join acobay you don’t have to force your reluctant family member to listen to your non-stop chatter LOL!

Seriously, I found this site is very useful because not only you can show off your stuffs, but you also can find the best stuffs based on rating by thousands of real users or stuffs that are getting hot recently and also reviews and comments on the stuffs that you're interested in.

When you join Acobay and share your stuffs, it automatically connects you with other peoples that have the same stuffs like you. Just like having instant friends that share same taste with you. You can even start a discussion or a question about the thing that you don’t understand to your “instant” friends. I think it’s very exciting when you find someone who not only use the same phone, but also play the same game, drive the same car, read the same magazine, visit the same place, but not to share the same hubby I hope LOL!