Sippy Cup

Yesterday, I saw my very cute sippy cup in the store. I was tempted to buy but both my daughter don’t use sippy cup. When my eldest daughter was about 8 months I tried to introduce sippy cup to her, but she didn’t like it. Probably I should introduce sippy cup to my youngest daughter.

A sippy cup is a training cup with a screw- or snap-on lid and a spout that lets your child drink without spilling. You can get models with or without handles and with a variety of spouts. Sippy cups can be a great way for your baby to transition from nursing or bottle-feeding to a regular cup. They can also help improve hand-to-mouth coordination. When your baby has the motor skills to handle a cup, but not the skills to keep the drink from spilling, a sippy cup can give him some independence while keeping cleanup to a minimum.

Some babies enjoy a sippy as early as 5 or 6 months, and others aren't interested until after their first birthdays. Most babies seem ready around 7 to 9 months, though.