Family Movie

I have a friend that always goes overseas with her family during long holiday periods. I wish that I could do that too, but I don’t have the monetary means to do so. My normal entertainment during the holiday season is to watch movies with my family. My husband normally cooks dinner for us. Then after dinner, we will eat dessert while we watch movies together. When it comes to selecting what movies to watch, I normally choose movies that have a good message since I have 2 children that also the movie with us. I don’t go for high budget movies with lots of special effects instead I prefer a good movie with a good storyline and a good message.

I heard that the movie titled All Roads Lead Home The Movie is a good family movie with a good message, so I am eager to get it and watch it together with my family. “All Roads Lead Home” won best feature drama at the International Family Film Festival and is about a 10-year old girl (Belle) who loses her mother in an automobile accident and because of this tragedy, many problems arise around her. However, the arrival of a new puppy changes Belle's life and everyone else's around her. The DVD will be released on the 13th of January 2009, but you can pre-order it now from their website.