I Need A Break

Lately I am not in the mood to work. I feel like that my whole energy is gone. I feel very tired and sleepy most of the time. Probably I am about to go get sick, or probably I need to take some time off and go for vacation. It’s been ages since I got my last vacation and I think I need another one. The problem is with this terrible economy situation we have to spend wisely. We really cannot afford to spend so much money on expensive vacation.

We always plan my vacation carefully and ahead of time, but I remember that a few times we just decided to go in last moment. Like when we decided to go to Disney World. One night we just talked about it and made a few phone inquiry phone calls and searched for best deal in the internet, and a few days later we went for the “no-plan” vacation. It was fun and we had a great time.

I have been dying to have a cruise vacation on Queen Elisabeth 2 to Carribean. I read about it in so many books but the price is too expensive for me.

Although I know that I don’t have extra money for a cruise vacation but it doesn’t mean that I can’t browse around in the internet looking for one. I found that at Vacations To Go, you can plan a last minute cruise at up to 75% off.

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