Genetic Portraits of Marijuana

If you are looking for high art to decorate your home, room, or your wardrobe, you can visit to Mary Jane Goods site because has launched the much-anticipated online retail site. At this moment they have limited selection of high-end quality products featuring the DNA genetic fingerprint of Cannabis Sativa plant a.k.a marijuana.

Yup! You read it right. M a r i j u a n a. In fact they also sell T-shirt that lists the 652 legal names of Marijuana recognized by law enforcement in a very fine print. So, don’t get surprise if you find everyone will want to read the fine print. You are sure to get more attention if you wear this T-shirt.

Mary Jane Goods creates original and intelligent pieces of art that are unique. In fact they are the first company to create custom genetic portraits of marijuana. Combining DNA genetic fingerprinting with an icon of pop culture created the foundation for the MJG brand.