I Love High Heel Shoes!

I love to wear high heel. I know that high heel is supposed to be bad for your feet, but I can not resist wearing shoes with high heel (probably not 5” high, but at least 3” high).
In fact, when I wear flats, I feel out of order and uncomfortable. I find heels make me walk faster, and with a sense of purpose or direction. Also, some outfits go better with heels and make the legs look longer.

High heel shoes hold your leg at a great angle that causes your butt to lift and your posture to straighten. I don't care what foot doctors say about the evils of high heels, I love them and I feel pretty and feminine when I'm wearing them!

Since I love to wear high heel, I guess it’s no wonder if I have many selection of high heel shoes, mostly black and brown colors. Even though I have plenty of shoes, I still like to browse online shoes stores. Today, I found another online store that attracts my attention. Daniblack.com is owned by husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Barbara Schwartz. Since daniblack’s launch in 2005, it has become a staple in the fashion community, gracing the pages of ELLE Accessories, People StyleWatch, Lucky and Marie Claire, just to name a few. Style, luxury and craftsmanship are the core of the daniblack shoes brand.

They carry wide selection of shoes, from evening shoes to sandals. Off course I directly click on pumps section and immediately found one that I like. It’s a sleek and sophisticated peep-toe slingback shoes made of genuine snake skin. Too bad that I just bought a pair of shoes recently, but I will bookmark this site for the future.