Allcare Health Saving Card

My friend has a son, which is 3.5 years old. They took him to a pediatric dentist and was told he had 10 teeth with cavities in them. They wanted to use general anesthesia at a hospital and fill all of the teeth. This would cost $2000 for the dentist and $2500 for the hospital. The problem was, they did not have dental insurance.

Most people are familiar with medical and dental insurance and they are aware of the high costs associated with them. But few people are aware that there is a cheap altentaive to dental and other insurance that costs pennies a day (as low as $10 a month not $75-$150 per month like dental insurance).

ALL Care Health Savings Card is much more than a discount dental plan, it's a comprehensive healthcare saving card for only 129.95 a year you can cover your entire family.

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