Cisco Certification

In the modern age after year 2000, knowledge of computers or Infornation Technology is crucial for survival in the everyday workplace or business ventures. Everyday technology is advancing at an incredible pace and we must keep up with it by gathering new knowledge about IT improvements and requirements either through the internet, magazines or better through certified IT courses.

My husband graduated with a degree in IT from the US and have been working in the industry for the last 13 years, he is now a senior IT analyst in an IT company. He said that he has seen many job applicants with numerous certification from many boards but to him there are only several which he truly recognizes and respects, and one of them is Cisco certification.

This is because the Cisco Certification gives him as an employer the comfort of hiring an employee which he think is throughly trained in the newest technology and comprehensive knowledge about IT which is needed for a good future in the IT business and also provides them with a good foundation to further their career in the IT business.

Cisco Certification is unique as it provides certification for all levels from entry, professional to expert levels and it also provides a guided development of a persons career from entry level where everything is generalized and then to the next step where it branches to specialization ie network security and then to the higher technical management roles.

Without any doubt I would like to recommend the Cisco Certification to any indiviuals which are serious in their career advancement in the IT industry as an indepth knowledge of IT Network Technology is the Key to success and the best road to success in the IT industry is going through Cisco Certification.

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