Want To Be Taller?

Before I got married and was still looking for a husband, height was my first criteria. I didn't want to date a man, who was less than 6 feet tall.

Then when I was working and wanted to hire an assistant, I also tended to hire a person who was tall in stature. I think taller people have more advantage over the opposite in stature. Believe it or not height matters. Taller people get larger salaries, higher status and more respect. Furthermore, the advantage seems to be life-long.

A business professor at the University of Florida, calculated that each inch in height corresponds to $789 extra in pay each year, even when gender, weight and age are taken into account. An extra six inches, for example, results in an extra $4,734 in annual income.

How tall you are is largely determined by your genetics, but newly discovered evidence shows that by restoring the declining HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels in the human body even after puberty can have significant effects on your height even as an adult.

Maxagen® Human Pro-Growth Hormone contains a proprietary blend of the most powerful, natural compounds that have an effect in causing the body to naturally produce higher levels of HGH (Human growth hormone) which have a positive effect in causing increased height and bone growth, even after the body has gone through puberty. Maxagen® was developed after research into using natural ingredients to increase bone growth and HGH levels.

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