Natural Salon

Whole Foods Market, the world’s leading natural and organic foods supermarket is running a podcast series speaking to natural health alternatives. Each month they have different topic, however the theme is the same: to hear from leading experts on everything from great herbs that heal, to why natural personal care is a better choice. They will tell us how to Be Good To Your Whole Body.

The topic of this month podcast is "Natural Salon". One of my personal experiences about “Natural Salon” was to use Aloe Vera plant. At that time my hair dropped off a lot. Every time I run my finger through my hair, so many hair dropped off. Luckily, I had Aloe Vera plant in my backyard. After 1-month treatment, I felt the improvement already.

This month's features 2 videos with John Masters in his salon which is Manhattan’s premiere natural haircare salon. Pick up tips from “the master” on cutting and styling hair, using examples of curly, straight and limp, and color treated hair. Discover the best secrets for creating the hair you want with all natural ingredients. John Masters has been a leader and innovator in the beauty care industry for more than 15 years. He is founder of John Masters Organics personal care products and salon in New York City.