Carbon Neutral Search Engine Review

Do you know that everytime you use internet, you use earth’s natural resources and leave carbon footprint? Individually, probably you don’t use much, but there are lots of internet users in the world, thus if you add together can be a substantial amount.

If you are interested to reduce this carbon emission and help to preserve the Environment for our next generation, you can download Carbon Neutral Search Engine. Yes! It is that easy.

The Carbon Neutral Search Engine was developed by a company called fooke limited in the UK, launching in October 2007. The Carbon Neutral Search Engine offsets the emissions generated through search queries carried out on their site with a view to reducing global CO2 emissions, investing in energy efficiency, reforestation and renewable energy.

This search is powered by google, thus the search result are the same as you use google search. So what's it like to use? Well, as you can see it’s all grey/black, I assume it is a way to save a tiny bit of power on certain LCD monitor and works pretty much exactly the same way as Google does. I think it works great, provides the same functionality as Google. I also like the simple layout.

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