Career Guide

If you just graduate from school, or simply want to think what career path you want to take, you should take a look at careers advice for school leavers. Choosing the right career path is very important and even you haven’t graduated yet, you are never too early to thinking about it.

Like they said in the overview:
"You’ve been at school since you can remember, and all of a sudden you need to think about what to do next. In reality you should have started thinking about this already."

I found that their site very informative, especially regarding the career guide. Too bad that they placed it on the bottom part. At first I could not find it. I only saw news. I even saw news about rejected panda adopted by cat, and woman kills husband with folding couch. Only when I scroll down further I can see the career guide topics. I found the news part very disturbing, specially the one that has nothing to do with the career guide topics.

That part aside, the information about career guide is very interesting and informative. They divided the career guides into 4 sections: School leaver, Engineering, Business & Finance and Science & IT.

Each section consists of information about what you should know about the industries, such as what is the job requirement, range of opportunities, job options, and so on. It will be helpful if they also can give information about the remuneration or salary standard. Because you admit it or not, that information is the one that people always asking for.

Talking about layout, as you can see in the picture above, it is very well laid out, clean and professional looking. They put the Ads from their sponsor tastefully and blend in with the overall design. No pop out or disturbing Ads. Download very fast and user friendly.

They also offer free yearly career guide newsletter if you subscribe, however, somehow I could not find the subscription button.

Overall, I find this site very informative and I definitely bookmark it for future reference.