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Whenever I want to go out to go somewhere, either go to dinner, party, or just simply want to hang around with friend, I always have headache to choose what to wear. I think all woman have the same problem with me.

I just found a great site that not only they sell great outfit, but they also can help to solve your problem in mix and match.

Founded in late 2007, ClosetMix is the leader in virtual clothes sharing, and the premier destination to mix and match clothes worldwide through a Web experience. ClosetMix allows people to easily upload and share their own clothes on and across the Internet through websites, mobile devices, blogs, and email.

Everyone can mix clothes on ClosetMix. People can see what's in their friends closets, try on the latest fashion trends with their own clothes, find new clothes that look great, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people add their clothes, ClosetMix is enabling sharing on a global level.

Recently, they just added 3 great brands to the site. They are ultra girlie 'Candies', SoCal fashion with 'Hollister' and one of the best department stores 'Kohls'. Now you can Mix Candies, Kohls and Hollister clothes on

I just checked their selections and they are all great for summer. One particularly that I like is this white tunic.

The best thing shopping in ClosetMix is that you can check whether it can match with your existing wardrobe before you bought it.



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