Healthy Student Vending Machine

Children nowadays got a bad eating habit. Including my daughter, she loves to eat junk food. All those unhealthy snack with a lot of preservative and high sodium are really no good to the body. It can caused a lot of problem later. No wonder a lot of children or young adult got obesity or high blood pressure problems.

YoNaturals - Healthy Student Vending makes it easy for schools to do something about childrens dietary inconsistencies with a 7 step guide on how to provide schools with a Healthy Vending Machine;

1/ How to get your School on board. If you are a parent, student, school board member then its time to speak with school administrators or food service directors and get their support.

2/ Review the YoNaturals Product List It's easy to replace high calorie items with those that are organic and all-natural, and which fit nutritional guidelines.

3/ Involve Students in Choosing the Products If at all possible, before you finalize your plan-o-gram, get a small representative group of students to make the selections with you.

4/ Host a Sampling Event Sometimes kids are reluctant to try new things. Consider giving students a preview of what will be in your machine by ordering extra snacks and giving away free samples prior to “unveiling” the machine.

5/ Build Some Excitement-- Conduct a Student-to-Student Marketing Campaign. Want to convince a student to try something new? Get another student to do the convincing. Special marketing projects such as posters, videos, etc., created by the students will help build excitement around the new snacks.

6/ Launch the Grand Re-Opening of the Machine Invite parents, teachers, school board and community members to the great unveiling of your 'new' healthier vending machine.

7/ Generate some PRESS! The local newspaper or TV station might even be interested in the positive steps your school is taking.

YoNaturals is taking the initiative to do something about childhood obesity...

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